Three Reasons Why You Should Not Pass On That Estate Sale Art

Art sold at an estate sale may or may not have any real value. There is no way of knowing unless you are an art evaluator or you know a lot about art. Most people will just pass on these pieces when they see them up for auction at an estate sale. However, there are reasons for not passing on these items, and all of them could have you kicking yourself later.

The Painting Is an Undocumented Piece Belonging to Said Artist

Paintings that were left to sit in a corner have often proved to be priceless works of art. Why? Because people who know art recognized the style, colors, brush strokes, and techniques of masters and lesser-known or obscure painters. That painting of an English fox hunt you want to ignore because you find it dull could very well be a Winslow Homer or Rubens masterpiece, and you just walked away from it. Many paintings have also gone missing over the years, while others were never documented by the artists who painted them, which is all the more reason to buy these works of art.

The Gilded Antique Frame Is Worth More Than the Art

It happens sometimes. A cheap art print is found in a gilded frame and nobody blinks. That is, until someone who knows antique frames looks at it and realizes that the gilded frame is over two hundred years old and crafted by some of the oldest and most well-known frame makers in the country. Even more importantly, when the frame contains bits of canvas with paint and varnish, it suggests that it once held a work of art. Buying the frame to have it appraised only to find that it once framed a valuable canvas and hung in a famous gallery is the treasure of all troves.

Art Hidden Behind Art

Some of Goya's etchings and Picasso's early pencil drawings were found between canvas and the backing of old frames. These findings have a tendency to rock the art world, because they are either new and never been seen before, or because they were thought lost and never to be seen again. Purchasing stuff at an estate sale auction only to find that it hid untold treasures between canvas and frame backing is mind-blowing, to say the least. To discover what you have, first have it appraised. Then have it X-rayed with a special scanner used for art research and restoration to see if you have anything hidden in your prize.

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