Tips for Adding Art to Your Man Cave

The creation of a "man cave" is more than just a mix of interior design and pop culture gaudiness. There is an art form to turning a section of the basement or forgotten, barely used room into a shrine to personal interests and hobbies. Simply throwing furniture, consumer electronics devices, and hobbyist memorabilia into the space won't make the interior aesthetically pleasing. A fashionable look is needed. Otherwise, the look and feel will be lacking and enthusiasm about spending time in the room diminishes.

Little touches can do a lot for making a man cave become a more preferable dwelling. The inclusion of large scale art prints definitely enhances the overall theme of the room and may add a sense of decorative fun. 

Supporting the Theme of the Man Cave

Random collections of "stuff" do not exactly help with the style of any leisure room. Man caves are best when they present a consistent theme. The theme should extend to the walls of the room. Bare walls leave aspects of the room looking bland. The blandness is unnecessary. Adding artwork to the walls that complements the theme of the room brings the style out a bit more. With so many thousands of different art prints to choose from, no one should have any trouble selecting a reliably complementary art print.

The Right Art Choice

A little research should reveals nice pieces of artwork that can fit common man cave themes. A love of sports and the average man cave do go well together. Trophies, vintage equipment, and more decoratively adorn these rooms. Impressionist sports art has been incredibly popular for decades and would blend well into a sports-themed room.

Science-fiction and fantasy comprise more whimsical and adolescent-oriented man caves. The sheer volume of sci-fi collectibles available for a room are enormous. Good news exists for art lovers: a host of sci-fi themed art movements have emerged over the years. The early 20th century European style of futurism is one example. The wondrous imagery of futurism prints would blend quite nicely among all those sci-fi TV show and movie memorabilia displays. 

Sizing the Prints

One last bit of advice is worth noting when thinking about adding art work to a man cave. The size of the artwork adds to its effect. Too little art and too much wall is not impressive. A huge print that covers a large section of the wall or a series of smaller prints spread strategically across the surface will have a nice visual impact.

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