3 Tips For Buying A Work Of Art

Both from an investment perspective and for personal tastes, artwork has long been a staple purchase for people throughout civilizations. If you are an art lover looking to expand your palate and tastes, you should consider finding the types of art that speak to you the most. In this regard, it's important that you find reputable art dealers, learn what to look for in artwork and take the time to protect your art. Read More 

Looking For A Unique Or Great Art Piece? Find The Best Gallery, Broker, Or Artist First

If you are looking for some unique art pieces to use to decorate your home and to show off your interior decorating skills, there are some great ways to get unique pieces for the property. If you know that you want pieces beyond what you will find at a local decor store, and you don't want anything that has been mass manufactured, you don't have to. Here are some of the things that you want to take into consideration when shopping and picking out art. Read More 

4 Modern Artists Whose Paintings Are Great Wall Art For A Michelin Star Restaurant

If you've been tasked with managing the interior design for a Michelin star restaurant, then you might be looking for a nice wall painting. You want to choose a nice piece of artwork, not some cheap poster. The patrons of an expensive Michelin star restaurant want an elegant and tasteful decor, and an investment in a nice and impressive piece of art will go a long way in creating the desired effect. Read More 

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Pass On That Estate Sale Art

Art sold at an estate sale may or may not have any real value. There is no way of knowing unless you are an art evaluator or you know a lot about art. Most people will just pass on these pieces when they see them up for auction at an estate sale. However, there are reasons for not passing on these items, and all of them could have you kicking yourself later. Read More 

Tips for Adding Art to Your Man Cave

The creation of a "man cave" is more than just a mix of interior design and pop culture gaudiness. There is an art form to turning a section of the basement or forgotten, barely used room into a shrine to personal interests and hobbies. Simply throwing furniture, consumer electronics devices, and hobbyist memorabilia into the space won't make the interior aesthetically pleasing. A fashionable look is needed. Otherwise, the look and feel will be lacking and enthusiasm about spending time in the room diminishes. Read More